Identity Multimedia Quilt

The “Identity Multimedia Quilt” is an interactive tapestry, woven together by one theme: raise awareness of the spectrum of nuanced identities and stories of LGBTQIA+ people, as told through multimedia “patches.”

Click or tap on a patch to reveal the multimedia and story within. Quilt patches contain basket weaving, poetry, hand-drawn art, interviews, music, animation, collage, and personal essays.

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The Mission of the Quilt is to fill the gaps in public discourse on queer issues. If you would like to make a patch, please send a message here!

For other inquiries regarding the Quilt, please use the contact form on this page.

Thank you to all who have contributed to the Identity Multimedia Quilt; this project would not be possible without you!

All works and words included in the Quilt belong to their respective creators and are used with permission for the exclusive purpose of the Identity Multimedia Quilt project.

3 thoughts on “Identity Multimedia Quilt

  1. Love this, Robin! I can’t wait to see how this quilt grows. Truly a beautiful way to share people’s stories and bring awareness.

  2. Robin, this is a wonderful way to share identities, by integrating language, art, and photos. Can’t wait to see this evolve over time.

  3. This beautiful multi-media quilt, created by Robin, is a illustration of; queer tenacity, survival, and creativity. The stories, images, and poems written here illustrate the various perspectives and experiences of the LGBTQ community. A spiritual successor to the AIDS quilt that, instead of national grief, brings a culture of hope and change. A fantastic art piece!

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